Our visualisation team creates 2D and 3D artist impressions to provide realistic illustrations of how completed projects will look like. The team uses the latest design programs and works closely with our architects, town planners, engineers and project managers to create the desired effect. Visualisations range from still renderings to animated walkthroughs and fly-overs that can be used for presentations, tenders or any marketing-related assignments. The team also performs BIM clash detection, using state of the art Navisworks software.

virtual reality

Our visualisation team keeps abreast of the latest design trends and we have added Virtual Reality (VR) to our service offerings. Virtual reality allows clients to experience their projects before they are built by placing them in a virtual world where their vision exists. By navigating through a 1:1 scale version of their projects, clients will not only be able to get an overall feel of space and size, but will be able to determine functionality and accuracy before continuing to construction.

Be it one of the world’s biggest cargo terminals or a client’s dream house, Delta BEC enables clients to experience their projects before construction commences and request changes that can be implemented with no or little impact on programme and cost. View this video to share the experience.

deltabec studio

Delta BEC Studio launched in October 2017 and is South Africa’s very own online digital 3D model store! Delta BEC Studio offers proportionally accurate 3D models and Revit families that are tailored to South African design standards, using Revit and 3D Studio Max software

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